Todd Stuart

Spirit of the machine

On the road, your Lamborghini is made to draw attention. In your home, on your desk or as public art, a charging bull sculpture underscores your passion for exceptional craftsmanship.

Timelessness is a rare thing Timelessness is a rare thing

The artefacts of success are fleeting. So, for some, the desire to establish a legacy is the ultimate tribute to a life of achievement. A hand-crafted metal sculpture of a charging bull makes a dramatic individual statement that will transcend generations.

Leave an indelible mark on the world

There is no more impressive way to demonstrate your success than with a monumental outdoor sculpture. A charging bull statue captivates the senses of all who experience it, making it an inspiring choice as an architectural or public art sculpture.

Bring your charging bull to life

Whether symbolising the inspiring power of Lamborghini or the heady possibility of Wall Street’s charging bull statue, a customised bull sculpture expresses strength, determination and prosperity. Commission a unique memento of your life and achievements right here.

Your legacy, your space, your concept

When you invest in a charging bull sculpture, you personally curate its finished form. Custom made and with choices of size, finish, mount and positioning, no two charging bull sculptures can ever be the same. Your metal statue can be cast in bronze, polished chrome, stainless steel or a made-to-order finish. The opportunity to unify power, beauty and craftsmanship is in your hands. Let us be your guide as you take the next step on that journey of fulfilment.

Who is Todd Stuart?

With more than a decade designing, creating and managing commercial sculpture, public art sculpture and individually commissioned sculpture projects, Todd is dedicated to restoring life and meaning to spaces. Todd believes that great sculpture is an inspired purchase, not a sale, and he has a deep understanding of the creative and production cycles.