Todd Stuart

Your Emblematic Charging Bull Statue

Make your statement and be seen with your charging bull statue rightly named, Raging Bull. So then, what is Raging Bull? Well, imagine possessing a sculpture of your own charging bull statue; a personification of power, strength, inspiration, and personal guidance and growth. But it’s more than that. An intriguing conversation starter, your charging bull statue will give new meaning to the environment it occupies. Perfect for your home, office, or man cave, your charging bull statue elevates while encouraging positivity, both in mind and spirit. Using the highest quality of legacy materials, artist Todd Stuart delivers a highly anticipated rendition of the iconic bull in NYC. Although there are SOME similarities, your Raging Bull sculpture is truly a one-of-a-kind piece of art; distinctive with its intricate faceted features. It tells a modern story and creates a dynamic energy which is truly reminiscent of our modern age. A wide array of sizes and finishes are available, including exclusive limited editions never before obtainable. Your charging bull statue can be carved, cast, or forged in stone, bronze, stainless steel, all made-to-order. Raging Bull is an optimized portrayal of personal progress, freedom, and character. Choose from modern mirror polished or a more traditional patina finishes. The overall design and craftsmanship are unlike any other. Captivate your family and friends. Impress your professional and social circles. Intrigue all those who lay eyes on your charging bull statue, Raging Bull. Your charging bull statue is a dynamic extension of your individuality. Todd Stuart’s personalized curation process ensures this. You’ll be guided on a journey of discovery toward self-actualization. Together, we’ll explore the best and practical possibilities for installation and placement. You’ll be able to confirm your optimal size and finish. This process connects you and your Raging Bull statue, and is visualized within our digital superimposed service. Our digital service is a complementary initiative to help our clients make informed decisions with confidence and ease. Essentially, you are trying it out before you make your final decision, leaving you in the driver’s seat at all times. Already have a space in mind? Schedule a virtual or in-person consultation with the artist.

Embrace the possibilities, accept Raging Bull into your life and experience it for yourself.