Todd Stuart

Presenting the Flying Lady, Reimagined

From roof to road, Rolls Royce is made to attract. With intricate and multi-faceted design features, Rolls Royce is an artifact of sophistication and inspiration. Arguably, one of the most interesting detail is the beloved hood ornament, known as The Spirit of Ecstasy. You now have a chance to own and bring an icon along with all its meaning, into your space. Hand-crafted and always one-of-a-kind, you can purchase an upscale, reimagined Rolls Royce-inspired sculpture resembling a progressive replica of the famed flying lady.

Honoring your Achievements and Success

A successful journey through life is subjective. For some, the desire to establish their legacy is the ultimate tribute, dedicated to a lifetime of achievement. Others find solace in knowing they did their best and admire their hard-earned work ethic. Success is subjective and personal. What’s your interpretation? Now you can attract the power of the muse with Todd Stuart’s Rolls Royce-inspired sculpture. Honor your achievements and success. Speak volumes about your life, with this reimagined Spirit of Ecstasy sculpture.

Get Inspired and Magnify your Dreams

Thinking of ways to demonstrate your success? There’s no more impressive way than with a personalized, custom-made Rolls Royce-inspired sculpture. This reimagined sculpture of The reimagined Spirit of Ecstasy sculpture is available in a variety of sizes. Options include monumental sizes, smaller, medium, and individualized sizes. Surrounding yourself with daily reminders of inspiration is key to magnifying your dreams and achieving greater levels of success. This modernized replica is perfect for monumental sized outdoor public displays as well as intimate personal spaces, where only those you select, will be graced with her presence. One look at your sculpture and you will know she’s yours for life.

Make your statement and be surrounded in luxury

A Symbol of Empowerment

Today, personal empowerment is everything. Rolls Royce is a legendary example. In addition, it’s a symbol of excellence, luxury, and beauty. Todd Stuart’s elite replica of The Spirit of Ecstasy is inspired by the Rolls Royce sculpture. Channeling the Silver Lady as his muse, Todd has created a modern and progressive representation of the world renown Rolls Royce hood ornament. Forged, cast, or carved in silicon bronze, marine grade #316 stainless steel, or a range of stones. Choose from small to monumental proportions, or have Todd create the exact custom size and matching finish to perfectly integrate the space you envisage. Todd believes communication is key. Throughout your journey with us, you’ll be guided step-by-step. You will be able to digitally visualize your sculpture in your preferred environment before committing to any purchasing decision.

Make Decisions with Unwavering Clarity with a Sound Investment!
When acquiring your Rolls Royce-inspired sculpture, deciding on what size, finish and where it will best be placed can be tricky. You want to be sure that your decision is an investment that you’ll treasure every day into the future. Fortunately, the artist gets it; seeing is believing. From start to finish, we aim to bring you absolute clarity. By offering a complimentary ‘try before you buy’ visualization service. We superimpose your Rolls Royce-inspired sculpture into your space, on your coffee table, in an open living area, in an outdoor space and even on a grand scale. It’s all completely digital! Guiding you through the various available sizing and finishing options, artist Todd Stuart utilizes state-of-the-art technology so you can comfortably make the best and informed decisions. See your sculpture in your home, outside, or wherever you desire. Custom sizing and finishing are available to make your Rolls Royce-inspired sculpture perfect for you!
Finding the Perfect Home for your Muse
The Spirit of Ecstasy has long been known as a muse to all who accept her. Beautiful and poised, with the spirit of freedom, she stands ready to fly. Reimagining her captivating, gracious, and prestigious features naturally enlighten and inspire. Your Rolls Royce-inspired sculpture exonerates the spirit and inhibits negativity. The opportunity to unite elegance, beauty, and the ultimate in craftsmanship is in your hands.

Let us be your guide as you forge ahead and ponder “what’s next?” your journey of accomplished success.