Todd Stuart


Your Raging Bull Sculpture, inspired by the symbol of Wall Street & Lamborghini

Warren Buffet said, “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” Both the Wall Street Bull and the Lamborghini bull logo are inspirations for Raging Bull. It brings about a sense of exploratory wonder while emanating power, strength, prestige, and confidence. Let’s explore what Raging Bull, a reimagined sculpture inspired by The Arturo DiModica original, can bring to both your personal and professional life. The Charging Bull on Wall Street is world renown. Like the iconic bull in New York City, the Raging Bull sculpture is an unequivocal symbol of drive, prosperity, and raw power. While Wall Street’s bull is known far and wide, Raging Bull is meant for one; YOU. Our specialized curation process puts you in the driver’s seat. Either in-person or virtually, you will see exactly how Raging Bull compliments your space. You aren’t simply buying an awe-inspiring bull statue, you’re accepting a sculpted personification of your individualism. Progressive stockbrokers will know it’s an investment too good to pass up; it just so happens, one with two-horns starring you, right in the eyes! Much like the Lamborghini, the Raging Bull sculpture is anything but ordinary. With impeccable craftsmanship, this bull sculpture mirrors YOU and your unique approach to life and business. Every Raging Bull statue is made to capture your status and individuality. Imagine owning this one-of-a-kind bull sculpture. Whether you choose polished stainless steel, bronze, or a custom finish like titanium, your Raging Bull Sculpture emanates positivity, mental fortitude, uniqueness and unwavering optimism. Elegant yet deliberate is the space in which Raging Bull occupies. Grab life by the horns with Raging Bull and go for great. Gift yourself with a personification of individual inspiration.

Ready to make Raging Bull yours?