Todd Stuart

Be Bullish like the New York Charging Bull

People are diverse creatures. Some take a bold approach toward what they want and grab it. While others act as bystanders, secretly stewing in envy. They’re wishing they had the confidence; but instead they mentally, physically, and spiritually struggle to obtain the things in life they want. As a progressive stockbroker, you are undoubtedly the former. Much like how the New York charging bull demands attention, so will your Raging Bull sculpture by innovative artist Todd Stuart. This charging bull, statue, inspired by the New York charging bull, is a symbol of strength, power, prosperity, and drive. The bull is a symbol and daily reminder of determination and upward trending patterns. A bullish day is a good day. These are the days that set you apart.

The original creator of the New York charging bull, Arturo Di Modica, had a vision and brought it to life with his art. As homage to this brilliant creator, Todd Stuart reimagines and delivers impeccably, without disappointment. Todd harmonizes the process each step of the way, by offering a complimentary digital superimposed service. This service helps you visualize your Raging Bull sculpture in the best material choices, finishes, scale, installation options & placement; just as it would exist in your physical reality. Our mission is unwavering support in your journey from purchase to installation. We ensure all things are taken into account and confirmed with you to avoid any unforeseen issues. You can make final decisions armed with absolute confidence.

The statue inspired by the New York charging bull on Wall Street is Raging Bull. Connecting you to this glorious piece of empowering art starts with a free consultation and ends with you being thrilled, motivated, confident, and proud that you made a great decision for you, your life, and the environment you choose for placement. A decision you will be happy with long into the future as our Raging Bull sculpture is made using only legacy materials. Decide which size, style, and finish best related to you and your way of life. A wide array of options are available, from forged or cast marine grade stainless steel and silicon bronze, or carved in a variety of stones. Have your Raging Bull finished in either ultra-modern mirror finish or classic traditional patina. Watch our client testimonials and hear the joy our clients are sharing.

Remind yourself of bullish days, every day, with a progressive investment in a Raging Bull