Todd Stuart

The Awe-inspiring Limited Edition Raging Bull Sculpture

Inspired by Lamborghini & Wall St Bull, but Made for One; You.

A powerfully mesmerizing personification of individualism, Raging Bull is bound to you from inception. Raging Bull is a dynamically faceted sculpture of a charging bull, inspired both by the famous Lamborghini bull logo and world renowned icon ‘Wall Street Bull’ or ‘Charging Bull’ as branded by the original creator Arturo Di Modica. Whether you are a collector or just know a good thing when you see it, Raging Bull is a sculpture sure to please. It touches you mentally and spiritually, awakening your inner bull. You accept Raging Bull as opposed to merely buying it. Your bull sculpture is an extension of your state of mind; confident, positive, and ready to take the day head on.

If you’d love to acquire your new Raging Bull sculpture, but you need to understand how it will best compliment your environment, don’t stress! We’re here to help you realize this, by matching the styles, sizes, and finishes, so your sculpture will fit your life and your chosen environment where your sculpture will ultimately be placed.

Connecting you and helping you visualize your Raging Bull sculpture is our mission. Artist Todd Stuart delivers brilliantly with this charging bull sculpture as he guides you every step of the way. Our complimentary digital superimposed service is an initiative that makes our clients confident with the best decisions possible in regards to the sculpture’s suitability; its style, materials, finish, installation, and placement. Our level of support affirms to our customers that they’re in the driver’s seat and are calling all the shots. You want to know the decisions you make now are ones that you’ll treasure long into the future.

We’ll also discuss a range of options. Where do you see your Raging Bull sculpture being best displayed? How do you see it finished and will it compliment not only your personality but its surroundings? In which legacy material would you like your Raging bull sculpture forged, cast, or carved? Perhaps there are missed opportunities you may not have considered, as we consider anything is possible. A conversation with Todd Stuart will answer all your questions and concerns. In any case, choose from a wide variety of custom options for your Raging Bull: stone, bronze, stainless steel, finished in an ultra modern mirror or classic traditional patina. The result is unlike any other. Our clients testify to that and it’s a promise we stand by.

Your Raging Bull sculpture is made to convey your unique power, strength, and confidence. Impress your social circle. Wow, your colleagues. Better yet, just be and let it speak to you. We proudly present Raging Bull Sculpture.

Is Raging Bull calling you?