Todd Stuart

A Classic Evolution of the Modern Spirit

Rare and luxurious is the artwork behind the Rolls Royce emblem, Spirit of Ecstasy. One cannot help but wonder, who was the inspiration behind the famed and posh “Silver Lady statue”? After all, it demands one’s attention. Standing poised and ready to soar, the Rolls Royce emblem, known as the Spirit of Ecstasy captives us. Many inadequate copies have been produced, yet none offers a modern, progressive voice of the original masterpiece. That is, until now! Imagine having an exclusive, reimagined Rolls Royce emblem mounted within your home or on your desk? Perhaps you’re thinking about larger scale possibilities. Envision your custom and bold Flying Lady sculpture as a symbol of pride for all to admire in front of your building. With Todd Stuart, ideas become reality. Read on to learn more about our modern approach to the Spirit of Ecstasy sculpture.

One-of-a-kind Inspiration, Forged in Metal or Carved in Stone

Have it your way! Your new Spirit of Ecstasy-inspired statue has a variety of sizes and finishes. Our process supports you in thoroughly understanding and confidently confirming decisions for every detail. Take a journey with us and discover options for your sculpture, including forged, cast, or carved materials, always using the ultimate highest quality, legacy materials in bronze, stainless steel, or stone. Your exact choice of sizing or alternate materials and finishes are also possible. An array of custom options are available. With a passion for art and an authentic mission to connect clients with a greater sense of who they are, we create something magnificent that’s centered around your way of life. Hand-crafted with diligence and professionalism, you’ll be glad that you engaged in this experience. Todd Stuart’s expertise and experience is in full view with his progressive approach to an obvious icon. How do you see your life progressing?

Use Todd’s Reimagined Spirit of Ecstasy Statue as your Muse today!
How We Do It

If you’ve read this far, then it’s a sure sign that you demand choice artwork. Lucky for you, we don’t create anything less. Todd Stuart, the artist behind your reimagined Spirit of Ecstasy sculpture, delivers brilliantly. He’s recreated a classic; an evolution of the Silver Lady icon known around the world. Masterfully crafted through inspiration and appreciation for the Rolls Royce original, Todd Stuart offers a one-of-a-kind buying experience. Utilizing a complimentary superimposed digital service, you can see your modernized version of the Spirit of Ecstasy in your desired environment. Confidently gauge what it means to you. It’s a “try before you buy” experience, which informs customers and instills total confidence in your purchasing decisions. You have plenty of choices too! Take a tour of your home, office, or preferred space where your sculpture will ultimately rest. See your Rolls Royce-inspired, custom-made statue, as it will look in its natural habitat. Cutting edge technology allows us to give you an upfront view of your new artwork. Inspired?

Visualize what a representation of this muse can mean for you.