Todd Stuart

Your Rolls Royce-inspired statue

A Portrayal of Prestige & Excellence

The Spirit of Ecstasy is the infamous emblem of Rolls Royce by Charles Robinson Sykes. Being extremely well-known in all circles around the globe, it’s a symbol of freedom and elegance. What if you could experience the beauty and sophistication of the famed “Flying Lady” with a one-of-a-kind Rolls Royce-inspired statue? Well, it just so happens you can! Artist Todd Stuart presents a true portrayal of the Spirit of Ecstasy.

Custom-Made, Standing Miles Apart from Others

For the untrained eye, it’s easy to be fooled by cheap imitations of the Spirit of Ecstasy sculpture. They neither capture the brilliance or detail of the original. Additionally, they’re created without compromise and using only the highest grade materials, finishes and construction methods. These are the hallmarks that enable your sculpture to live as a legacy. There’s only one reimagined Rolls Royce-inspired statue,worth your consideration. When you work directly with Todd Stuart, the care goes far beyond crafting the most elite Rolls Royce-inspired statue. He offers a complimentary, superimposed digital service, so you can visualize how his reimagined and modern take on the Spirit of Ecstasy will look and feel in your space. The end result is a sculpture that you’ll love. It integrates into your life & space as if it was made only for you.Todd helps people connect with what is important to them and supports the journey from inception, right through to installation and onto placement.

A Tribute to Greatness

Your Rolls Royce-inspired statue is a glorious tribute to you and all you stand for. It’s your muse, guiding you toward realized success. The timeless legacy of Rolls Royce and the Flying Lady emblem resonates with big-time doers and achievers. It transcends modern beauty. With craftsmanship to match, this astounding piece of art is elevating and refreshing. There are a flood of cheap knock-offs on the open market, though here you can confidently acquire your sculpture knowing that it honors the original in detail and glory. The muse lives within your custom statue. Your Rolls Royce-inspired statue is available in a wide variety of options. Choose options and finishes from supreme-quality, legacy materials: Forged, cast, or carved in silicon bronze, marine grade #316 stainless steel or a variety of stones in a range of custom sizes. Limited editions can be crafted at your direction.

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